What am I working on now?

A list of upcoming works in process under development, in no particular order. Since these are still being written, details may change.

PhilC_11_March_RHODODENDRON_vialii_01-300x225 (1)
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Rating: PG-13

When a mysterious houseplant is delivered to a Cambria, California beauty salon, strange events brings the employees what they need, but not necessarily what they want.

Alli’s Dogseal-pup-3474915_960_720
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Rating: PG

A young girl survives an accident at sea, and in the process befriends a seal pup for life. A decade later, when her home is threatened by an unspeakable horror, the pair reunite to fight for their home.

Genre:  Horror
Rating: PG-13 or R

Modern-day prospector’s purchase silver mining contracts in the unincorporated hills of eastern Orange County, California, despite the dark myths and folklore surrounding that area.  What they unleash from within the mountains threatens all of mankind.

The River Sticks17884080_1053964651403826_5031399458171072785_n
Genre:  Dark Fantasy
Rating:  PG-13

A lonely old man reflects on his life and all he has lost, when his long-dead poker buddies and wife show up, and set up the game that will determine his fate forever. Artwork by jEROME aNIMATIONS.

Which of these interest you most? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

~JM Ames
Expect the Unexpected


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