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Search for your preferred rating. For the sake of simplicity, I employed a method similar to American movie ratings. If you are a parent, and considering letting your child read one of my stories, this may help guide you, but I strongly suggest you read it prior to letting them, You know what your child can handle better than I. If the story is in an anthology, please be aware other stories can and often do have material appropriate for different age groups

Please be warned – SPOILERS lie below.

G – Kid-friendly for all ages
PG – Parent should read before or with the child
PG-13:  Age 13+, or with close parent involvement
R:  Age 18+, or with close parent involvement
X:  Very adult material – 18+ only


  • Thankful – Drama
    • Mild language
  • Waves – Historical Drama
    • Deals with bombing of Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima, and the loss of the main character’s father. Mild language.
  • Blind – Drama
    • Deals with alcoholism and homelessness.
  • The Last Ride – Drama
    • Deals with an old dog being put to sleep.



  • The 13:  Tales of the Macabre – Horror
    • Horror \ Scary situations, sexual situations.
  • Endless Skies – Science Fiction
    • Deals with the end of the world, mental illness, drug usage (marijuana and prescription), homosexuality. There is a single sex scene. Strong language.
  • Only the Dead Go Free – Horror
    • Intense graphic violence resulting in multiple deaths, alcohol use, drug use (heroin). implied previous child abuse, very strong language.


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