Copy of Copy of BEACH READS-16        BlindPostcard

“If you’re leaving, close the door!” I yelled after her.
Penny paused in the doorway, facing the summer sun. Her hair billowed behind her like the rolling waves of an ebony sea.
She turned toward me, her lips trembling, tears spilling down her cheeks. “Look at yourself, Will. I can’t sit by and watch you commit slow suicide. It’s killing me, too.”
She set our shell on the mantle.

Genre:  Drama (rock-influenced)
Rating:  PG

‘Blind’ by JM Ames, part of the anthology Beach Reads:  Lost and Found by Third Street Writers is now available worldwide in paperback and  eBook.

  • Direct order signed paperback here
  • Direct order paperback through Third Street Writers here
  • Ebook available on at all major retailers, including Amazon here

Beach Reads: Lost and Found (Signed Paperback + Media Mail delivery)

Includes ‘Blind.’



Fun Facts:

  • The scenery and chestnut cowry shell in the story were inspired by a real-life walk my family took down Laguna Beach when our dog passed away in 2017. We found the immaculate shell described there.
  • The photo of the beach used for the story postcard was taken by my wife on that day.
  • Taco Loco is a real place in Laguna Beach, and I highly recommend it!
  • Though not a Rock Fiction adaptation, parts of the story were inspired by Ritchie Sambora’s cover of Deep Purple’s “When a Blind Man Cries”, as well as Pink Floyd’s “Hey You”


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