Published Work

T13M_15_90 Copy of Copy of BEACH READS-16 ACOW MT_150_100 AHOW 13322209_705143429626959_4156223248810276338_n

Stories already published and available for purchase now!

The 13:Tales of the Macabre” – A collection of 13 horrifying tales from the twisted mind of Stephanie Ayers. Includes poetry by Stacy Overby and foreword by JM Ames.
Don’t Read Alone!
Genre:  Horror
Rating:  R

43004286_160003784944920_9204841872902586368_n   The 13 Macabre Clowns

Blind,’ part of the “Beach Reads:  Lost and Found” anthology by Third Street Writers.
Will and Penny find love on a Southern California beach, but lose it in a bottle. Can what was lost ever be found again?
Genre:  Drama
Rating: PG

Copy of Copy of BEACH READS-16   BlindPostcard

Endless Skies,’ part of the “A Contract of Words” anthology by Scout Media.
When the Earth dies, only two of the people sworn to populate other planets make it to the ships in time. Luckily, they’re old friends. Unfortunately, they’re both female.
Genre:  Science Fiction / Rock Fiction
Rating: R

ACOW   ES_Final

The Snow Bride,’ part of the “Mirrors & Thorns” anthology by Our Write Side.
In a frigid, snowy land, Minotaur Ajir finds a tavern to sate his many appetites after a long mining contract.
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG-13

21768049_962982633843036_4316917078508812273_n   22281561_969446823196617_7187201904538231694_n

Only the Dead Go Free,’ part of the “A Haunting of Words” anthology by Scout Media.
Wendy flees her abusive boyfriend and personal demons with her daughter to a remote cabin, only to find that what already resides there is far more dangerous.
Genre: Horror / Rock Fiction
Rating: R


The Last Ride,’ part of the “A Journey of Words” anthology by Scout Media.
A elderly dog reflects on his life and many adventures growing up with his Boy.
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG

13322209_705143429626959_4156223248810276338_n   Max scan 10001

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