Published Work

Stories already published and available for purchase now!
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The Snow Bride,’ part of the “Mirrors & Thorns” anthology.
In a frigid, snowy land, Minotaur Ajir finds a tavern to sate his many appetites after a long mining contract.

21768049_962982633843036_4316917078508812273_n  22281561_969446823196617_7187201904538231694_n

Only the Dead Go Free,’ part of the “A Haunting of Words” anthology.
Wendy flees her abusive boyfriend to a remote cabin, only to find that what already lives there is far more dangerous.


The Last Ride,’ part of the “A Journey of Words” anthology.
A dog reflects on his life and many adventures growing up with his Boy.   

13322209_705143429626959_4156223248810276338_n     Max scan 10001



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