On the Market

Completed works on the market for a publisher:


A young man working retail on the eve of Black Friday experiences the real world has a string of bad luck.

This obese woman, with the fatally aromatic halitosis, is screeching in my face about the price being off by a bank-breaking fifty cents. Her vile spittle mists my glasses. The vapid lady behind her is on her smart-phone, chattering a thousand miles an hour in some foreign language. Her snot-nosed brat pilfers candy from the shelf, putting half-eaten chocolates back before grabbing more to stuff in his face. The snakish line of mindless sheeple is reminiscent of the cars jockeying for gas back in the seventies. Today we are to express thanks for our loved ones and our cherished possessions, but these lobotomized lemmings practically eviscerate each other to get the latest, shiniest must-haves at a slightly reduced price. It isn’t Friday quite yet, but the Blackness is already here.