‘The Californian’

AFOW2A bomb scare at LAX during her layover unexpectedly puts 62146924Cecilia in an overnight stay at the run-down The Californian hotel. Unfortunately for her, the room is already occupied.

Genre:  Horror
Rating:  PG-13
Status:  To be published in A Flash of Words, due out later this year.

A soft thud from the bathroom banished all thoughts from her head. She was on her feet almost immediately, ears straining. A nearly inaudible hiss of something sliding along the bathroom floor raised goose bumps on her arms and hairs on the back of her neck. Her bladder threatened to release the pressure that had been building since the flight.
Cecilia grabbed a lamp from the bedside table and crept to the bathroom door. Her wobbly knees threatened to buckle. She pressed her lips tight to smother the chattering of her teeth. As she was almost upon it, she heard the shower curtain being pulled open. Her insides filled with ice water, and she yelped in fright before she could stop herself.

3 thoughts on “‘The Californian’

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