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Stories already accepted for publication, to be released in the near future.


‘Blind,’ will be included in the “Beach Reads 2:  Lost and Found” anthology to be released in Spring, 2018 by Third Street Writers.

Will and Penny find love on a Southern California beach, but lose it in bottle. Can what was lost ever be found again?


“If you’re leaving, close the door!” I yelled after her.
            Penny paused in the doorway, facing the summer sun. Her hair billowed behind her like the rolling waves of an ebony sea.
            She turned toward me, her lips trembling, tears spilling down her cheeks. “Look at yourself, Will. I can’t sit by and watch you commit slow suicide. It’s killing me, too.”
            She set our shell on the mantle.
            Tan-colored eyes shone with raw, painful disappointment. I struggled to get off the floor, but I was too late. Without another word, she turned and sprinted to the taxi waiting outside. Her exit was a final sunset in my heart—the color in my world faded, the warmth in the room chilled. The only woman I’ve loved was gone, and it was my doing.

‘Endless Skies
,’ will be included in the “A Contract of Words” anthology to be released in Spring, 2018 by Scout Media.

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When the Earth dies, only two of the people sworn to populate other planets make it to the ships on time and escape. Luckily, they’re old friends. Unfortunately, they’re both female.


            The hum of the gravity drive intensified; the shifting G-forces made Teri nauseous, as it always had in training. Air vents hissed, and the ship vibrated as it departed Earth’s atmosphere. They gazed out the portal at what had been their home—umber, verdant land masses and cerulean seas, spotted with swirling ivory clouds. A bright, purple blaze raged on what remained of the United States’ eastern seaboard, where the first bombs had detonated. A sapphire haze spread across a third of the globe, a luminous hand of doom snuffing life’s flame from everything it touched. Earth would be barren within hours.