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I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in these crazy times we live in!

I have actually been quite busy the past two months, mostly with non-writing stuff, so not too much to update on, but I did want to let you know that my YouTube channel has a newish playlist on it which I’ve just updated this morning:  Songs that have inspired or influenced stories

This playlist is exactly what it sounds like – songs that have influenced a story in some significant way. Here is the list:

Only the Dead Go Free (Transpose) – ‘Only the Dead Go Free’ in A Haunting of Words

Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath) – ‘Endless Skies’ in A Contract of Words

When a Blind Man Cries (Richie Samboora\Deep Purple) & Hey You (Pink Floyd) – ‘Blind’ in Beach Reads: Lost and Found

Hotel California (The Eagles) – ‘The Californian’ in A Flash of Words

Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) – ‘Beneath the Blue Irises’ in Bad Romance

Masters of War (Pearl Jam\Bob Dylan) – ‘Not Yet Dark’ – Not yet published

Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond) – ‘Sweet Caroline’ – Not yet published

War Pigs (Black Sabbath) – ‘Evil Minds’ (prequel to ‘Endless Skies’) – Not yet published

The Devil You Know (Anthrax) – ‘The Devil You Know’ – Not yet published


It is a pretty eclectic mix of genres. See if you can figure out how the lyrics (and in a couple cases the video imagery) impacted the related stories!

Stay healthy!

– JM Ames

JM Ames listed as one of the top emerging writers of 2020!


I am quite honored on this Leap Day to present to you this press release and book trailer:


For Immediate Release:

02/29/2020: JM Ames of Rancho Santa Margarita, California has been named as one of the 111 emerging writers and authors worldwide to be included in the Who’s Who of Emerging Writers, 2020, due for release on May 1, 2020. JM Ames is an author whose works have appeared in 12 international publications thus far.

Emerging writers are considered those writers who are not well known but have built up a body of work, as either poets, short story authors, non-fiction writers and novelists, or a combination of those, that have contributed to excellence in writing. 

Published by Sweetycat Press, a non-profit entity founded by short story author, novelist, playwright and former journalist, Steve Carr, the writers and authors included in the Who’s Who were selected by a panel of editors and publishers.

The Who’s Who of Emerging Writers, 2020, provides the biographies of the writers and authors and lists some or all of their published works. All proceeds from its sale on will go to producing other publications that support emerging writers by bringing their names and works to the attention of influencers in the publishing industry and the reading public. 

~JM Ames

I am still alive, just super busy… but I have a lot of updates!

Hello, folks! I know I’ve been AWOL lately, but the day job, family life, and medical issues have kept me tied up quite a bit lately. I haven’t gotten much writing in the past couple months as a result. Despite all of that I have made advances with stories already completed, and I have some updates for you all as a result.

  1. Thankful‘ was published on April 15th, in Zombie Pirate Publishing‘s anthology Flash Fiction Addiction. Ebook and paperback are available now via Amazon or direct from myself. I’ve not had the chance to update the website, so for now, if you would like a signed copy please email me at for a quote. There’s even a tiny promotional video for it on my YouTube channel.

  2. Karma‘ has just today been accepted into the anthology Monsters – A Dark Drabbles Anthology by Black Hare Press, expected to release on 20th August 2019 in Paperback and eBook formats.

  3. Both ‘Not Yet Dark‘ and ‘Beneath the Blue Irises‘ have been submitted to publishers, and are awaiting either acceptance or rejection.

  4. I have joined two writer’s associations as a full member – Southern California Writers Association, whose alumni includes Ray Bradbury, and Third Street Writers, a non-profit organization that does considerable work for the local literary and artistic communities.

  5. Expect multiple updates to this website in the coming weeks to reflect these and other changes!

Stay tuned for more, and happy Cinco de Mayo!

~JM Ames
Expect the Unexpected

JM Ames YouTube Channel Is Now Live

The JM Ames official YouTube channel is now live! Currently there are two playlists on it:

Audio Stories contains the stories of mine read aloud on video. Currently only contains The Last Ride from ‘A Journey of Words,’ as read by Whimsy Gardener, but this will grow with time.

Songs For Stories contain songs that have either inspired some of my existing stories, or songs upon which I plan on basing a story.

Subscribe today!

~J.M. Ames