Author Confessions, Day Twenty

Do you have writing pals or do you ride solo?

It really depends on the story. In general, I write solo, and after I have revised enough so that either I am happy with it or just plain tired of looking at it, I turn it over to my Beta Reader team. I gather feedback from them, and if I agree with their suggestions (or the majority feel strongly one way) I make adjustments accordingly.

In some cases, I employ a few Alpha readers earlier in the process. I did this with Only the Dead Go Free as I wrote it with a particular themed anthology in mind, and I wanted to ensure it met the requirements. It’s also my first completed horror, so I checked with a few experts early on to make sure I was on the right track.

While most of my works will be just by me, I do have a few WIPs in which I am collaborating with other writers:

  1. My first planned novel, Ursa Major, will have a ‘crossover’ scene with a novel fellow Scribe Lauren Nalls is working on. We were talking about our stories and discovered we both have a scene in them which takes place in 1983 Big Bear, California. We decided that in both novels the MCs would meet the MCs of the other novel.
  2. My eldest daughter and I are working on a coming-of-age superhero novella together. This will be targeted at middle-school age kids and is the closest thing to a Children’s book in my queue.
  3. I am working on a biography of my lifelong friend with him. This story chronicles the physical, legal, emotional, and societal injuries he sustained from a horrible accident, and how he has been recovering from them.





Flooded Kickstarter

As many of you know, my closest friend that I’ve known since I was four years old was in a horrible accident almost 14 years ago. He barely survived, and unfortunately the other person involved did not.

Another friend of mine, author Tori Griffin, suffered a concussion in January of this year. She decided to start up an anthology about brain injury called Flooded. I am honored to be a part of this important anthology and am working with my friend on telling his story, to be a part of Flooded.

Flooded has a Kickstarter program that is needed to fund the anthology. If any of you could help donate to make this a reality, that would be greatly appreciated. If you cannot donate, please help spread the word.

You can read more about it and donate here: 

Thank you!

– J.M. Ames