Quietus 13 released!

Howdy folks!

It is with great excitement that I announce today’s release of Quietus 13 by Black Hare Press! This invite-only anthology has a speculative-fiction, COVID-19 lockdown theme, and features FIVE new drabbles by JM Ames. Here are a listing of my stories within it, including genre and the creatures they feature:

Covfefe-19 – Reptilians – SciFi
Down Where It’s Wetter – Sirens – Fantasy
Howl – Werewolves – Horror
It Must Be – The Hell Hare – Horror
Walpurgis – Aliens – SciFi – Ties into another one of my stories, ‘Endless Skies


You can grab yourself an ebook, paperback, or hardback on Amazon now, or if you prefer a signed copy, I will have mine available soon!

Stay safe, healthy, and well-read, my friends!

– JM Ames