Website redesign is done!

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Folks, I’ve been hard at work for a couple months now revamping the site, and at this point I can safely say I am done. Sure there may be tweaks to be had in the future, but for now all the content is up to date, the logos redone, and the layout modernized. Please feel free to poke around, and if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please let me know!

~JM Ames



Folks – Lots of overdue changes on the website, but I have already begun updating it. Here are the things you can expect in the near future:

  • Both A Contract of Words and Beach Reads: Lost and Found have launched and are available now. Their pages will be set up shortly, but until then if you would like a signed copy, just email me for arrangements.
  • This means the Coming Soon! page will be emptied as ‘Endless Skies’ and ‘Blind’ move to the Published Work page.
  • ‘The Californian’ will be moved from the Works in Progress page to the On the Market page, as I have finished it and submitted it to an anthology.
  • A new story called ‘The Death of Hope’ will be added to the Works in Progress page. This will tie in with my novella-in-progress Becoming.
  • I will be adding a new page called Upcoming Novels\Novellas. This will include some details on my future longer works:
    • Becoming:  A coming-of-age YA Superhero story – Co-written with my daughters
    • Fourteen Years:  A nonfiction biography. Co-written with Gregory Duncan
    • Ursa Major:  A mystery\drama that spans half a century.
    • Destiny Reborn:  A five-novel adventure series.
  • New Shipping Options – Continental USA Media Mail will remain at $5. I am adding Priority Mail as an option for $9. International orders are $37 (that is my cost). Prices are based on a single book, for a quote on multiple books please email me.
  •  I now accept Venmo as payment. This is not available via the website yet, but again it is via email. I am exploring other options as well.


Stay well-read, my friends!

~JM Ames


Under Construction

Hello Folks! The website will be undergoing  some construction over the next several days, possibly weeks, so if you see things changing or not working properly, that is why (but if something is broken for more than a day, please do let me know!).

For now, I’ve updated the banner, added a page for completed works, which now has links to all three currently published books, including Mirrors & Thorns, finally (long overdue!).

Next up is a Coming Soon! page for works for which a contract has been signed, but are not quit available yet. My story “Blind” fits the bill here, to be release in Beach Reads 2: Lost and Found, in March 2018.

Third will be an On Market page for completed works which I am currently marketing out for a home. “Endless Skies” and “Thankful” fit the bill here. Both have been submitted to publishers, but no contract offerings yet.

Fourth and final is a Work In Progress page. I won’t list all of my WIPs here, as many never see completion, but it will provide details on ones near completion. “Not Yet Dark,” “The Californian,” “Waves,” and I am happy to say “Phil” will finally be detailed here. There are plenty of other stories I am working on, including a couple of collaborative works I am very excited about!

As I get closer on my novels, expect pages on them to appear as well.

I have a professional Logo Designer hard at work and revamping the official J.M. Ames Logo, so that should be up soon, too.

Stay Awesome!

~J.M. Ames

J.M. Ames featured in the inaugural Sunday Speed Dates post by Christina Alexandra

Romance author Christina Alexandra interviewed me yesterday and is featuring me on her Sunday Speed Dates blog today. You can check out the interview here. While there, I highly suggest you check out the rest of her site. She has several book series in the works and is quite active in the writing community.

Thank you, Christina!

Links for Christina: