Quietus 13 released!

Howdy folks!

It is with great excitement that I announce today’s release of Quietus 13 by Black Hare Press! This invite-only anthology has a speculative-fiction, COVID-19 lockdown theme, and features FIVE new drabbles by JM Ames. Here are a listing of my stories within it, including genre and the creatures they feature:

Covfefe-19 – Reptilians – SciFi
Down Where It’s Wetter – Sirens – Fantasy
Howl – Werewolves – Horror
It Must Be – The Hell Hare – Horror
Walpurgis – Aliens – SciFi – Ties into another one of my stories, ‘Endless Skies


You can grab yourself an ebook, paperback, or hardback on Amazon now, or if you prefer a signed copy, I will have mine available soon!

Stay safe, healthy, and well-read, my friends!

– JM Ames

Twenty Twenty was released on February 20th, and Hate will now be released on March 17th!

Hello folks!

Twenty Twenty, the Australian bushfire charity anthology featuring my 1920s thriller drabble ‘Coward No More’ was released on February 20th. Pick up a copy today and help those in need! you can order on Amazon here, or shoot me an email and I can send you a signed copy.

Hate, the anthology featuring my 2nd-person, future-tense thriller drabble ‘The Plunge’ has a new publication date of March 17th.