Most books in stock!


I now have all but Beach Reads: Lost and Found in stock and ready if anyone wants to purchase a signed copy of those directly from me.

  • A Journey of Words, featuring my story ‘The Last Ride’ – Paperback and ebook available everywhere now
  • A Haunting of Words, featuring my story “Only the Dead Go Free’ – Paperback and ebook available everywhere now
  • Mirrors & Thorns, featuring my story ‘The Snow Bride’ – Paperback and ebook available everywhere now
  • A Contract of Words, featuring my story ‘Endless Skies’ – Paperback available through myself exclusively until April 15th, then everywhere, and ebook available everywhere now
  • Beach Reads: Lost and Found, featuring my story “Blind” – Paperback available on April 20th, signed copies available in May

I will have Beach Reads within a month, or you can come get a signed copy in early May if you will be in the Southern California area for our official book launch. Email me for details.

The purchase links for the first three are set up on my site already, the last two will be up soon. If interested in purchasing any of those, please reach out to me.



Beach Reads: Lost and Found and A Contract of Words updates


A Contract of Words is available worldwide TODAY for ebook, and on April 15th for Paperback.  You can get your ebook here.

Beach Reads:  Lost and Found will be available to order the paperback in late April, and there will be an in-person book launch on Sunday, May 6, at 4 PM Pacific at Laguna Beach Books, 1200 S. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92656. I will be there for it, and I hope to see some you there as well!

Copy of Copy of BEACH READS-16

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

~JM Ames

March Madness!


A busy month awaits!

A Contract of Words and my short ‘Endless Skies’ is available NOW for pre-order through the the publisher, Scout Media. Pre-orders save $2 off of the regular price! It becomes available worldwide at all major online retailers on March 15th.

Beach Reads 2: Lost and Found and my story ‘Blind’ is scheduled to be released just five days later, on March 20th.
I will be joining the other authors and artists in this anthology at Laguna Beach Books on Sunday, May 6th, at 4 PM Pacific for a book signing. Stop on by and meet us in person!

I am happy to announce I now also take Venmo for any books you wish to purchase directly through me. You can email me at JMAmesAuthor <at> to arrange it.

Until nest time, keep reading!

~JM Ames

Spring Stories (and more) Update


Both ‘Endless Skies’ and ‘Blind’ are scheduled for release this spring. I’ve made a promotional image for each. I also have a tidbit of news for each – neither are official though.

A Contract of Words may be open for presale in as early as a week. I will of course keep you posted.


Beach Reads 2:  Lost and Found will likely have a public book signing in May, so if you are local to Laguna Beach, California, make sure you stop on by!


I will be featured on a horror blog on February 13th, for ‘Only the Dead Go Free,’ which was released last year in A Haunting of Words. More details to come!

I still have some more tweaking to do on the site (An About Me page, Pages for ordering ACOW and BR2:LAF as available, adding a ‘Fun Facts’ section for each of the published stories, new logo, a page dedicated to my upcoming Destiny Reborn series, etc.).

What’s next? I submitted Thankful to a flash fiction anthology. I am currently reworking an old story idea of mine, and plan on submitting it to a themed anthology that I believe strongly in. This one pays very well, so has my top writing priority. This will be complete in March. After that, I am focusing on the biography of my best friend. I am only writing part of it, but I want to get that part done and polished, so I can assist him with his part. The third on my list is another collaborative effort with my daughters – a Junior High age story, of a group of kids in a small town who develop superpowers as puberty sets in…

Until next time, stay awesome!

~J.M. Ames