Only the Dead Go Free, A Haunting of Words

AHOW                17580146_426927567699793_1261155030_n

‘Only the Dead Go Free’ by J.M. Ames, part of the anthology A Haunting of Words, is now available worldwide in paperback and a variety of eBook options. There are several ways to order, each with a different set of perks:

  • Paperback
    • Direct order from me ($19.99 + $5 S&H). Includes:
      • Free personal delivery if local (at cost via your preferred method if not).
      • Signed copy
      • Free A Haunting of Words / Only the Dead Go Free bookmark
        • AHOWBM1
        • Paypal or Credit Cards – Please use the Paypal link below.
          Buy Now Button
        • Local, in-person delivery
          • If you are local and would prefer to pay cash, check, or money order, please email me at, with the Subject as AHOW Order. Price would be $19.99, no S&H.
    • Direct order from publisher Scout Media. Includes:
      • Free soundtrack on CD. Each song handpicked by the author to represent their story.
      • Order here
    • Order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion – all online book retailers.
      • Free shipping with Amazon if you have a Prime account
      • Available here
  • Ebook 
    • Immediate direct download from publisher here
      • MOBI for Kindle
      • EPUB for eReaders
      • PDF for computers and tablets
    • Amazon
      • MOBI for Kindle here
    • Barnes & Noble

You should also check out the song this story is based on, by the band Transpose. Video

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