Real life is often far stranger than fiction, at least that has been the experience of JM Ames. Whether good, bad, or just plain out there, big luck has always been quite prevalent throughout his life. This wide variety of strange experiences serves as fuel for the stories that never stop appearing in his head. While a multi-genre author, JM’s interest in the more unusual things in life has led him to gravitate more towards Speculative Fiction, and above all else, expect the unexpected.

cropped-huntington-beach-502002_1920.jpgBorn on June 10th, 1975 in San Diego, California, but raised one county north in Huntington Beach, California, JM has never lived far from the Pacific. This has helped foster a healthy respect for nature as a whole, and the ocean specifically. He was an avid reader of books in all genres from elementary school, through his turbulent High School and College days, and remains one today.

JM majored in Psychobiology in the first couple college years, but then switched to Computer Programming. While writing was always a hobby since a young child, he decided to focus on more “mainstream” career choices. He still works in the IT field today, as the Vice President of an international firm.

Max scan 10001At the age of 40, about the time most men start questioning some of the choices they’ve made in their lives, JM decided to take a serious stab at writing fiction and getting it published. He had been outlining an epic story for 18 years, called Destiny Reborn and had already developed about a hundred pages of notes and spreadsheets and even a world map. Knowing his writing skills were not quite up to par, he decided to cut his teeth on writing short stories. His first piece, ‘The Last Ride,’ is a creative nonfiction story about growing up with his dog Max, who was his best friend. The very first anthology he submitted to, A Journey of Words by Scout Media, accepted it, and in 2016 it became his first publication. He has continued to publish multiple short stories per year since.

JM Ames still resides in Orange County, California with his wife, a pair of beautiful and rambunctious daughters, and an ever-changing menagerie of pets. You can reach him through any of the options on the Contact page.

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