JM Ames listed as one of the top emerging writers of 2020!


I am quite honored on this Leap Day to present to you this press release and book trailer:


For Immediate Release:

02/29/2020: JM Ames of Rancho Santa Margarita, California has been named as one of the 111 emerging writers and authors worldwide to be included in the Who’s Who of Emerging Writers, 2020, due for release on May 1, 2020. JM Ames is an author whose works have appeared in 12 international publications thus far.

Emerging writers are considered those writers who are not well known but have built up a body of work, as either poets, short story authors, non-fiction writers and novelists, or a combination of those, that have contributed to excellence in writing. 

Published by Sweetycat Press, a non-profit entity founded by short story author, novelist, playwright and former journalist, Steve Carr, the writers and authors included in the Who’s Who were selected by a panel of editors and publishers.

The Who’s Who of Emerging Writers, 2020, provides the biographies of the writers and authors and lists some or all of their published works. All proceeds from its sale on will go to producing other publications that support emerging writers by bringing their names and works to the attention of influencers in the publishing industry and the reading public. 

~JM Ames

Twenty Twenty was released on February 20th, and Hate will now be released on March 17th!

Hello folks!

Twenty Twenty, the Australian bushfire charity anthology featuring my 1920s thriller drabble ‘Coward No More’ was released on February 20th. Pick up a copy today and help those in need! you can order on Amazon here, or shoot me an email and I can send you a signed copy.

Hate, the anthology featuring my 2nd-person, future-tense thriller drabble ‘The Plunge’ has a new publication date of March 17th.


‘Coward No More’ to be released in Australian fire charity anthology Twenty Twenty!


I am thrilled beyond words to announce that my 1920s thriller drabble ‘Coward No More’ is included in the upcoming anthology Twenty Twenty, due out in just two days (02/20/20)!

Please note this is a charity anthology, so ALL profits go to Australian Bushfire Charities. I will have my copies shortly. You can either pre-order directly through me via email or on Amazon.


Stay charitable, my friends!

~JM Ames

Works in Progress!

Well, it is a new year and in many, many ways a new me. What am I working on now? Quite a few things, actually. I am fully aware of how much I need to update this website as well (a few things have been published or are soon to be since the last update).

In no particular order, here they are. I hope to release all by the end of the year:

1. The Best Spice (final edits) – Dark Fantasy – Aiming for a well-known SciFi/Fantasy magazine for publishing – Asterius seeks to satiate his appetites in a desolate tavern. He finds what he is looking for, and so much more…

2. WAVEs (final edits before re-release) – Historical Thriller – A young woman mourns the death of her father by honoring him the only way she can.

3. Who Knows Where (final edits) – Literary – A man loses his job, falls into a depression, and contemplates his next move.

4. Not Yet Dark (rewrites) – Thriller – A man seeks vengeance for the mindless death of his daughter, but realizes too late he has taken it too far. Based on Bob Dylan’s Masters of War.

5. Sweet Caroline (developing) – Horror – For an anthology call – Set in the late 1980s. A struggling thrash-metal band travels to a backwater bar in the Appalachian mountains, only to get attacked by werewolves… and survive.

6. Evil Minds (developing) – Science Fiction\Political Thriller – For an anthology call – This is a prequel to my story ‘Endless Skies‘ in A Contract of Words. When the Earth’s future starts to look bleak, Teri and Michelle sign up for a program that promises to save Humanity. Based on Black Sabbath’s War Pigs.

7. The Devil You Know (developing) – Horror – A family vacation takes a turn into the deadly unknown when their camper breaks down in the Jersey Pine Barrens late at night, and comes under attack by an unkown force.

Let me know which of these interests you the most!

~JM Ames