Destiny Reborn and Pacific Dunes – the future of my writing

Hello, folks,
While I haven’t been doing much writing per se lately, I have been submitting older stories to publishers and continuing to improve the website. I’ve also been working on the direction that future net-new stories will go (not including ones already in flight).
A good chunk of them will be part of the Destiny Reborn series I have in the works. This is an epic, global Fantasy\SciFi novel series that is several years out, but the universe of it will cover many other stories. ‘Endless Skies‘ is the only story out now which is related to it.

A large set of stories – both Destiny Reborn-related and not – will be local to Orange County, California, where I’ve lived since I was a toddler. Fact and fiction will be blended together here, with most locales being true to real life but with an additional town called Pacific Dunes being added. This will be a somewhat seedy city, complete with corrupt officials and a long history of unusual happenings. To be located north of Huntington Beach and south of Seal Beach. Some fictitious individuals in this area will be in multiple stories.

Not all stories will be in Orange County \ Southern California, nor all related to Destiny Reborn, but after I finish up the stories in flight this will be the trend. The upcoming short stories ‘Ally’s Dog’ and ‘Blackstar,’ as well as the standalone novel-in-progress ‘Ursa Major’ are all related to both – being at least partially located locally, and having some kind of tie-in with Destiny Reborn.
More to come!
~JM Ames

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