AFOW Interview #5 – R. Roy Lutz

Today, I am featuring author R. Roy Lutz whose story “The Abortion” is included in the anthology “A Flash of Words,” alongside my own brand-new story, “The Californian

If you had to do one thing differently with your story, what would it be?
Use even fewer words than the 100 words I used.

What was the inspiration for your story?
The pain and conflicting emotions I saw when I heard a girl tell her story of an abortion she had had.

Was there a time when writing where you had to sit back stunned at what just happened? If so, what was it?
The day I realized my characters tell their own stories.

What do you think is the key to writing a compelling flash story?
Using the imagination of the reader to fill in blanks with the unwritten words the author has chosen.

Do you write every day?
Well, I think about writing every day. I do some of my best writing in the shower.

Does your sexual orientation play a role in the development of your character?
No, not on a conscience level at least.

Was this the first time you wrote a flash fiction story?
Yes, this was my first flash fiction. I have since written several others. I enjoy writing stories that require the reader to take an active (if unwitting) role in telling the story.

What was your favorite story in the book besides your own?
Everyone’s life is a compelling story. All my character have compelling stories, even the bad guys. It’s my job to document their compelling stories.

Apart from writing, what do you do for fun?
Read ― mostly fiction. Social media.

Which author(s) influenced your writing the most?
Frank Herbert. I fell in love with his ability to develop strong 4-dimensional characters.

Can you relate to any of the characters in your flash fiction story?
Only in my imagination. All readers have their own imagination and will relate (or not) in their own ways.

What is your writing space like?
Eclectic. I modeled my office space after that of Ray Bradbury’s office, filled with unusual, imagination-inspiring objects.

Did your story turn out the way you planned, or were there some surprises along the way?
Yes, it turned out how I planned, but how it got there was unexpected.

How long did it take to write your story?
A couple days total including a lot of tweaking.

Do you think writing flash fiction is a challenge with the word restriction?
The challenge is figuring out how to trick the reader into filling in the blanks.

If you were on death row, what would you want your last meal to be?
A hacksaw pie.

What is a quote that you find inspirational/motivates you to write?
“Beginnings are fragile things.” – Frank Herbert, Dune.
Every great story starts with a great beginning.

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