Release Day! ‘Charmed Writers Presents Flash Fiction 2019’ is available NOW.


Charmed Writers Presents Flash Fiction 2019, featuring my WWII drama ‘Waves,‘ is available NOW – and the best part is that is FREE! You can get the entire ebook by either downloading it from here, or by messaging any of the 41 authors in it for a copy – myself included.

WCUnne4The blurb for the book is below. I encourage each of you to come learn more about all 41 of us in the Facebook Group The Charmed Connection.

Welcome to the Charmed Writers 2019 Flash Fiction Anthology! Charmed Writers is a special group of authors who support each other, learn together, share their knowledge and write together. We write in various genres and are at different places in our careers. In these pages, you’ll find stories from USA Today, NY Times and Amazon best-selling authors, from authors well on their way to achieving those goals, and new voices being read for the first time. There are science fiction and fantasy stories, historical flashes, romances and so much more.
We hope you enjoy our stories, find some new favorite authors and that you’ll join us in our Facebook reader group The Charmed Connection.

Expect updates to the website in the coming days to reflect the availability of both Flash Fiction 2019 and A Flash of Words. Most of all, Expect the Unexpected…

JM Ames

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