JM Ames Foreword for Stephanie Ayer’s ‘The 13: Tales of the Macabre’ is official.

Folks, it is now official. I have written the foreword to Stephanie Ayers‘ upcoming horror collection, The 13:  Tales of the Macabre, and it has been accepted. This is a unique honor for me, one which I am quite humbled by.

The book comes out October 26th, but you can preorder it via the following links:
Amazon Kindle 
Barnes & Noble

Stay wary, my friends, and remember to always Expect the Unexpected!
~JM Ames

JM Ames to pen foreword in upcoming short story collection!

Fall is shaping up to be quite the busy season!

In addition to two electrifying Flash Fiction anthologies that contain a story of mine coming out, I have had the honor of being asked to write the foreword of an upcoming collection of short stories by a well-known and respected member of the Indie Author community. I am still writing said foreword, but once it is done and the author approves, I will reveal who it is. This really is an incredible honor and a first for me.

Upcoming releases:  ‘Waves‘ in Charmed Writers Presents Flash Fiction 2018, and ‘The Californian‘ in A Flash of Words.

I also have ‘Not Yet Dark‘, ‘Thankful‘ and ‘Karma‘ out to publishers now.

Stories I am actively working on:

  • Phil – Those of you who have been with me since the beginning may remember this one. It was the very attempt of mine at writing a story. It is quite interesting for me to revisit what I thought was good writing 3 years ago. This is getting a full rewrite. A struggling beauty salon in Cambria, California gets the karmic balance it needs when a highly unusual Rhododendron is placed in it’s waiting area. Fantasy, PG-13.
  • Allie’s Dog – Fate brings young Allie together with a young seal pup off of Catalina Island, California. As they grow older, their bond grows unusually deep. When an unnatural disaster threatens the island as a whole, the two must work together to save everyone, including each other. This is a Destiny Reborn story.  Fantasy, PG-13.
  • Blackstar – Modern-day prospectors search for long-lost veins of gold and silver near Silverado, California. They finally find what they were searching for, but have also found what has been protecting it all these years- and it is not at all happy about that. Fantasy, PG-13
  • The Cleansing – Follows a twisted psychopath’s descent into madness, mayhem, and murder. Horror, NC-17.

Which one interests you the most?

~JM Ames
Expect the Unexpected.

‘Karma’ on the market, ‘Not Yet Dark’ wrapping up, and teasers


The 100-word, San Francisco-based horror drabble ‘Karma‘ is now officially on the market, and has been added to the Coming Soon page.

My wartime family drama ‘Not Yet Dark‘ is going through some minor last-minute revisions, and will be on the Market within a couple days.

Some teasers for other stories in the works:

* Ally’s Dog – Catalina Island-based story of a powerful young girl, and her unusual connection to an unusual seal – and a Pacific leviathan that threatens the California coast. YA Fantasy

*Untitled – Modern prospectors discover a rich vein of silver in the unincorporated mountains of east Orange County, California. Unfortunately, they discover something else that may not let them leave. Horror

Stay well-read, my friends,  and remember to always Expect the Unexpected!

~JM Ames

‘Love Dust’ by Pixie Forest Publishing released today!

Pixie Forest Publishing released their debut anthology, Love Dust, today. While I did not make it into this anthology, I am friends with both of the publishers, as well as many of the authors – some of whom I’ve worked with personally in the previous anthologies*. An incredible amount of talent is behind this book!


Become immersed in worlds where love is key. In these twelve stories, enjoy tales of new, unexpected, and lost love. Open the pages to discover love that fights through war, abuse, curses, death, and withstands time itself. These stories will touch your heart, make you laugh, and make you cry. Let the authors show you the many ways love can tug at your heartstrings in Love Dust.

Publishers Jensen Reed and Donise Sheppard bring you twelve love stories by these talented authors:




I will give you 20% off the cover price of any one of my books (when ordered direct through me) with proof of purchase of Love Dust. Limit one discount per purchase.

~JM Ames
Expect the Unexpected