Folks – Lots of overdue changes on the website, but I have already begun updating it. Here are the things you can expect in the near future:

  • Both A Contract of Words and Beach Reads: Lost and Found have launched and are available now. Their pages will be set up shortly, but until then if you would like a signed copy, just email me for arrangements.
  • This means the Coming Soon! page will be emptied as ‘Endless Skies’ and ‘Blind’ move to the Published Work page.
  • ‘The Californian’ will be moved from the Works in Progress page to the On the Market page, as I have finished it and submitted it to an anthology.
  • A new story called ‘The Death of Hope’ will be added to the Works in Progress page. This will tie in with my novella-in-progress Becoming.
  • I will be adding a new page called Upcoming Novels\Novellas. This will include some details on my future longer works:
    • Becoming:  A coming-of-age YA Superhero story – Co-written with my daughters
    • Fourteen Years:  A nonfiction biography. Co-written with Gregory Duncan
    • Ursa Major:  A mystery\drama that spans half a century.
    • Destiny Reborn:  A five-novel adventure series.
  • New Shipping Options – Continental USA Media Mail will remain at $5. I am adding Priority Mail as an option for $9. International orders are $37 (that is my cost). Prices are based on a single book, for a quote on multiple books please email me.
  •  I now accept Venmo as payment. This is not available via the website yet, but again it is via email. I am exploring other options as well.


Stay well-read, my friends!

~JM Ames


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