AHOW Blog Tour #16 – D. W. Vogel

Today we have the sixteenth author interview for ‘A Haunting of Words’ – D. W. Vogel. Her story “Rowdy” is one I can relate to rather strongly, having had several pets over the years, and have lost two of them in the past two months. The core subject matter was also the basis of my first publication. If you are a dog lover like I am, you will love this story.


“Rowdy” is the story of an old dog’s last day on earth.  It’s a quick piece to remind us that love never dies, and best friends are forever.

What inspired you to write this story?
I’m a veterinarian.  The story comes from twenty years of wielding the needle that sends beloved pets on to their eternal rest.  It’s an honor to be trusted with that final moment, and it’s so important for the pets and their families.

How long have you been writing?
 I’ve been writing seriously for about five years.  An avid reader since forever, I was always one of those people who said, “I can do that.  Someday I’m going to write a novel.”  In 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and suddenly “Someday” became a huge question mark.  I realized I might not have too many “Somedays” left, and if I wanted to write a novel, it was time to sit down and write it.

What genre do you associate most within your writing?
My science fiction series is going strong, with book two due to release at the end of June.  I also had a fantasy novel published which is currently out of print due to publisher closing.  My agent is currently shopping a couple of mystery/thrillers and we hope for great things in that genre.

What are you working on now?
I’ve just finished the first draft of a really fun project that my publisher put together.  Five of Future House Publishing’s authors are writing a series together, based on a board game world.  It’s a collaboration with the game’s publisher, and I was given book two of the series.  The concept of writing in someone else’s world, and working with other talented authors has been a big challenge and I think the final product will be amazing.

What else do you have published?
I’m the author of Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden (2016, Future House Publishing), Horizon Alpha: Transport Seventeen (2017, Future House Publishing), Horizon Alpha: High Wire (short story set in the Horizon Alpha world, 2016), Flamewalker (2015, Word Branch Publishing, out of print), and I’ve contributed short stories to several other science fiction anthologies.

What advice would you offer to new writers?
The best advice is to read.  Read everything.  Read in the genre you want to write, and read in genres you never thought you’d like.  I can teach you how to put words on a page.  I can teach you how to use commas, why you should eliminate filters, and why “then” should be cut whenever you see it.  But I can’t teach you the kind of instinctive flow that comes from a lifetime of reading well-written novels.  I can’t teach you rhythm.  I can’t teach you pace.  You can only absorb that by immersing yourself in the works of the masters, absorbing their skill with their words.

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