The intro to Blind, new fiction coming soon!


“If you’re leaving, close the door!”

She paused in the doorway, facing the summer sun. Her hair undulated in the breeze like the rolling waves of an ebony sea.

“Look at yourself, Will. I can’t sit by and watch you self-destruct.”

Penny turned as if to say more. Her lips twisted and shook. Her eyes welled with tears that spilled down her cheeks. She set our shell on the mantle.

Tan eyes shone with raw, painful disappointment that bore into my soul and ripped it to shreds. I struggled to sit, but I was too late. Without another word, she turned and sprinted to the taxi waiting outside. Upon her exit, the color in my world faded, the warmth in the room chilled. The only woman I’ve ever loved left me, and it was my own doing.

How could I have been so blind?

I took another swig from the store-brand whiskey bottle and emptied its mind-numbing contents down my throat. Disgusted, I hurled the bottle across the room where it struck a mirror, shattering both. Fitting that so many things shattered that day, myself included.

Breath hitched in my chest, and the lump in my throat wasn’t from the booze. I realized the low moan I heard was emanating from me.

I collapsed on the floor and willed the room to be still. Eyelids shouldn’t be as heavy as mine had become.

The last thing I saw before I passed out was that the damned door was still open.

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