One of my writing groups has a weekly game, the goal is to write a Drabble – a 100-word story based on a prompt. I’ve not participated before, but I did on a whim yesterday and wrote this in about twenty minutes. The prompt was “Slow creeping fog.”



Carrie paid little attention to the fog that rolled into the bay and slowly enveloped the distant Golden Gate Bridge; she was focused on tying his weights to the maroon-stained, rolled carpet alongside her. She paused to catch her breath, looked over at Alcatraz, and ensured the tourists and guards had left for the day. She slid beside her newly-wrapped gift to the sea, careful not to tip over the dinghy aptly named Karma, and rolled that bastard’s corpse into the murky depths. The fog swallowed Karma whole, as the creature’s massive jaws arose from below and did the same.


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