Author Confessions, Day Twenty-Eight

Who do you ‘channel’ when you write?

Usually, it is me – either something from my past or just one or more of the facets of my personality. Other times I think inspiration hits based on either what I am going through at that moment, or by a song, or sometimes even just seeing an Open Submissions call for a themed anthology. We all have had different life experiences. Most of us have been in love, have been hurt, have hurt others. These experiences are what I channel most.

The Last Ride is straight from my past – so much that I consider that story to be Creative Nonfiction – all the events are nonfiction (to the best of my recollection), but the canine POV is clearly fictional.Thankful is also based on my past working in retail decades ago. Waves is based on my late Grandfather’s past.

Only the Dead Go Free and Endless Skies are both inspired by songs. Only the Dead Go Free was further spurred by an Open Submission Call for an anthology called A Haunting of Words, and Endless Skies by an Open Submissions Call for a writing contest with parameters which met the theme I already had planned for it.




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