Author Confessions, Day Twenty-Six

When do you write?

Whenever I can. Unfortunately, there is never enough time for it. I work very long hours with the day job and have two children to raise as well. I write a few weeknights a week, but usually not for more than an hour. I spend about six hours writing every weekend. Unfortunately, that is all I have time for at the moment, and it kills me.

I am constantly thinking about my stories, though – how to get around an issue I am having, or developing a character or subplot. My mind is always on it. This at least makes the very little writing time I have quite productive, as I have it all outlined in my head by the time I sit down to do it. This is also why I have so many story ideas I’ve yet to write – the stories come to me and I develop them fairly thoroughly before I even have a chance to put a single word down.



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