A Journey of Words continues to get rave reviews!

A Journey of Words continues to get 5-star reviews! Have you read it yet? If not, go to my home page and purchase a copy. If so, why haven’t YOU reviewed it yet? 🙂

Here is one of the latest reviews from Amazon. Although she slightly misspelled my name I am very grateful for the praise.

Format: Paperback

When I ordered A Journey of Words, I had no idea what to expect. I certainly did not expect the massive anthology that arrived in the mail. This book is a good substantial book, plenty for many morning reads over coffee, or a short story before bed at night. All of the stories are well-written and creative, and the anthology as a whole features a diverse range of stories, so that there is something for everyone. I loved starting a story and never knowing what I was going to get.

Laurie Gardiner’s story, “Retribution,” still haunts me, months after finishing. It was so wonderfully written, that despite not wanting to know what happened next, I had to read on. J.A. Ames’s “The Last Ride,” I could not get through without a box of tissues. “The Open Road,” by M.R. Ward was a great example of good, true horror – the kind of story I want to read by flashlight while camping or on a stormy night. “Ants of Uranus!” by Randy Blazak was delightfully weird and creepy in the best possible way (I’ll never look at coffee grounds the same again). And I got completely caught up in the lyrical style of Andrea Barrios’s beautifully written “Conversations with the Serpent.” I find myself wanting to give mentions to all of the stories in this wonderful anthology.

It is an anthology I will return to, to revisit stories from time to time, and it is one I would recommend to friends.


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