Author Confessions, Day Six

What word do you use way too much?

Haha, well, if you ask my kids this (and I have) they will say the S  or the F word. I guess that wins me no Father of the Year award. 🙂

In writing, I don’t know if I have a single overused word, that might be a question for my editor. I have recently been told that the word ‘tomfoolery’ frequents my writing…



6 thoughts on “Author Confessions, Day Six

  1. I just discovered a word that I use way too much in everything I write, even emails – “that”. As in “One thing that I know is that I use ‘that’ too much”, when it’s not needed. I’m learning to edit them out as I write.


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  2. My publisher has a list of words they have us search for and see if we can eliminate. “That” and “it” are top offenders for just unnecessary clutter. I definitely also notice that I’ll get stuck on a word from time to time and end up using several times in near succession. Like “pique” in a recent work. Especially when the word is a little unusual and calls attention to itself, you really notice if it gets repeated too soon. @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

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    • It is always a Balancing Act. I didn’t include the traditional ‘filler’ words in the post above, as I think all authors have to actively work on reducing those – I know I certainly do!


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