Author Confessions, Day Four

How did you choose your genre?

In general, I don’t have a genre – I enjoy reading and writing in most, although I do tend to gravitate more to the unusual in both cases. That can mean Horror, Adventure, SciFi, or Fantasy – the four cornerstones of what I see my future writing as being.

For my upcoming horror short, Only the Dead Go Free, it seemed the right way to go. The anthology I wrote it for had a requirement that there had to be a ghost in it, but no genre requirement. In fact, the publisher said they wanted to see all other genres – comedy, romance, etc. Back in April 2016, when I chose this story (based on a song of the same name), it was because I hadn’t written a horror story yet, and felt this anthology was the place to start. Horror is one of my four cornerstones, after all 🙂




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