Author Confessions, Day Two

What is your biggest Writing Challenge?

Having enough time to write. Working full time at 60+ hours a week, while trying to raise 2 young girls makes having the time to write quite difficult. I sneak in an hour after work, a few hours over the weekend to inch my stories forward. There are other challenges, too – I am still fairly new at this, so sometimes the rules of writing catch me off guard. Luckily I have a great Copy Editor who has helped coach me into better habits. It just takes time (see the first answer).

Since this is Friday, I am going to nominate my first author to start her own Author Confessions – Jacklynn Desmond. I have read two short stories and one novella by Jacklynn, and I cannot state strongly enough how excellent of a writer she is. One of my favorites. Please check her page out and start following her journey towards stardom.



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