Fresh stories on the way

Last week I submitted fifteen stories for publication in a magazine, each in a different genre. Before you get too impressed, these were micro-fiction stories of fifteen words each, per the publisher’s specification.


I’ve just completed the rough draft of a horror short called Only the Dead Go Free. I will be spending the next 6 weeks revising it, before submitting it for publication in an anthology. Here is the opening paragraph:

Breathless and without thought, I stare with lifeless eyes into the bathroom mirror. The hiss of the shower behind me competes with the roar of the fire raging down the hall. This gore-drenched nightmare of a witch is no longer recognizable as me. What on Earth have I done? What was the lesson here? I never wanted this. The questions bubble up like water-borne carcasses until I hear his final words thunder in my head. “Only the dead go free” he had said, right before he –


After that, I’ve another fantasy short I will be wrapping up called The Snow Bride. This will be submitted for publication in a different anthology, roughly a month after Only The Dead Go Free. Here is the opening paragraph:

The icy wind outside screeched and wailed like a banshee seeking to devour children’s souls. Frosted windows rattled in their frames so hard that the glass threatened to shatter. Camels and horses were tied to posts in front of the Tsas Ber Tavern. They whickered and spit their displeasure at being left in such inhospitable weather.


Stay tuned for updates on publication details, as well as other shorts that are in the works.

– J.M. Ames

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