Looking for Beta Readers!

What exactly is a beta reader? A beta reader is someone who reads through a story towards the end of the refining process, just before the final edits and provides feedback to the author about what they read.

What I would be looking for in general is what works, and what doesn’t. I will have a few custom questions at the end of each read. This feedback is invaluable and will have an effect on the final drafts I send to my editor. I am looking for people in all walks of life – writers, editors, and most importantly readers. Strangers, friends, family – all input is like gold.

What does it mean for you? Being a beta reader allows you to contribute to the story’s strength. It also earns you a free, signed copy of the final draft once published. Longer works such as novels will also include your name in the Thank You section.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, please let me know either by replying to this post, on my Facebook page, PM’ing me, or emailing me at JMAmesAuthor@gmail.com. I will be adding you to a private Beta Reading Group. There is NO PRESSURE to commit to any one story.

I am a pretty diverse writer, so if you have any genre or story length that you prefer, include that. Conversely, if there are any you will NOT read, include that as well. Currently, all my stories are shorts, but I do have some novel-sized pieces in the works.

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