Writings In Progress, including previews!

Now that The Last Ride has been out for a few months, it’s time to talk about the other stories I have in the queue. I am only going to talk about the ones which have significant progress made here, meaning they’ve progressed beyond the outlining and research phases.  I will post again in a few days with a bounty of other ideas I have that are still being outlined and researched. I’ve included the first paragraph for those stories in which it is at least mostly established.

Status:  Complete – actively looking for a publisher. Won First Place in Writing Without Drama’s first Flash Fiction Friday Contest.
Genre:  Historical Military Fiction
Size:  Roughly 500 words
A young woman witnesses a major tragedy first hand and eventually helps return the favor. Based loosely on my Grandfather’s experience.
“Marcia was walking to McKinley High School, lost in thoughts of boys when the planes roared overhead. At first, they barely registered. Her father, Jack, was an aviation mechanic at the nearby naval base, and there always seemed to be planes present. Something was different this time, though; these engines sounded… off somehow. She shaded her eyes from the morning sun and squinted at the planes flying towards the base. Her textbooks tumbled into the dirt when she recognized the large red dots encircled by white on the green wings and fuselage.

Status: In Final Editing Phase. Submitted to Writing Without Drama’s third Flash Fiction Friday Contest.
Genre: Fiction
Size:  Roughly 500 words
A young man experiences a string of unfortunate events while working at a retail establishment late on Thanksgiving night.
“This obese woman with the fatally aromatic halitosis is screeching in my face about the price being off by a bank-breaking fifty cents. Her vile spittle mists my glasses. The vapid lady behind her is chattering away in some foreign language at a thousand miles an hour on her smart phone. Her snot-nosed brat pilfers candy from the shelf, putting one half-eaten chocolate back before grabbing another. The snakish line of mindless sheeple is reminiscent of the cars in line for gas back in the seventies. This, on the day we are to express thanks for our loved ones and the possessions we already have, these lobotomized lemmings practically eviscerate each other to get the latest, shiniest must-have at a reduced price. It isn’t Friday quite yet, but the Blackness is already here.”

The Letter
Status:  Second Draft and heavy revisions. For the Take Me, I’m Yours anthology
Genre: Historical/Romance/Military
Size:  About 3000 words
After purchasing a file cabinet from an estate sale, a woman finds a letter the previous (and deceased) owner had written but never sent to his estranged lover, and discovers his most sinister secret as well.
“I’ve written you more times than I can count, every letter crumpled and tossed in the general direction of the wastebasket in the corner. There’s no point in sending them when they all boil down to “I’m sorry, I miss you.” If reading those words gouged holes in your heart anywhere near as deep as the wounds writing them ripped into mine, sending these letters would be just another selfish act on my part. I think you’ve had enough of those.”

Only The Dead Go Free
Status:  First draft being written. For the next Of Words anthology – A Haunting of Words.
Genre:  Horror
Size:  Expected to be about 5000 words
A woman is confronted by the horrors she thought she’d escaped, and must end it in the only way she can. Again.
“Breathless and without thought, I stare with lifeless eyes into the bathroom mirror. The hiss of the shower running behind me competes with the roar of the fire raging in the bedroom down the hall. This gore-drenched nightmare of a witch is no longer recognizable as me. What have I done? What was the lesson here? I never wanted this. The questions bubble up like water-borne carcasses until I hear his final words thunder in my head. “Only the dead go free” he had said, right before he –”

Status:  First draft being written.
Genre:  Low Fantasy
Size:  Expected to be about 12,000 words
Melissa Brown’s struggling beauty salon has a string of unusual incidents after acquiring a new plant from a mysterious stranger.
“The seagulls were too busy squabbling with each other over the dead and dying caterpillars that littered the parking lot to notice the coppery eyes in the bushes watching them. As silent as a shadow, the red fox took slow, slinky steps out of the shrubbery and towards the feasting birds, ears forward, tail straight out, eyes never leaving his prey.”

The Cleansing
Status:  First draft being written.
Genre:  Horror
Expected to be about 2500 words
Sometimes the worst monsters are human.
“Technically speaking, the first time I took someone’s life I was eleven. I don’t count that as part my Cleansing though, as it wasn’t intentional, not really. Sure I pushed her on the tracks, but if she hadn’t gone back for her bag, the train wouldn’t have gotten her. Still, I’m glad that it did. That bitch had it coming. She was mine. All that talk about not liking me that way was just her fear of being different. She sure didn’t stop me the first time I kissed her.”

Status:  First draft being written. Co-written by Gregory M. Duncan. For the Flooded anthology. Title tentative.
Genre:  Nonfiction
Size:  Expected to be about 3000 words
After a devastating accident which cost his friend his life and almost took away his own, a man must figure out how to put all the pieces back together again, in almost every sense of the phrase.

Ursa Major
Status:  First draft being written.
Genre:  Mystery – SciFi
Size:  Expected to be about 50,000 words
A middle-aged man searches for answers to the greatest mystery from his childhood and uncovers much more than he ever bargained for.

Destiny Reborn
Status:  First draft being written.
Genre:  Adventure – Fantasy
Size:  5-6 novel series, expected to be about 300,000 words in total.
A small band of villagers sets off on a global journey to find the answer to what ends up being the biggest question of all time.

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