Brian Paone – A Journey of Words Blog Tour #2

Brian is not just an author, he is also a professional copy editor, publisher, vocalist in several bands, and police officer. He is a man of many talents. Somehow he manages to do all of these jobs quite well and with a smile on his face. Brian has been extremely helpful to my career this year, and I know I would not be getting published in AJOW if it were not for him. I am honored to consider him a friend.

Brian Paone

Author Name: Brian Paone

Title of your AJOW story:  The Whaler’s Dues

Post a brief synopsis of your AJOW story: An unquenchable love for an unobtainable stripper. A stolen mandolin. The rattlesnake trail. A journey on a whaleboat. Heavy water. A secret infinite world of cursed islands. An ancient legend. A changing of the guard. Strange avenues … the whaler’s dues.

What inspired you to write this story?  Jethro Tull’s “Rock Island” album

How long have you been writing?  I wrote my first short story in 7th grade in 1988. My first published work was a novel in 2007.

What genre do you usually write in and why?  I write exclusively in a genre called rock fiction, which is a sub-genre of musical fiction, when a single song, an entire album, or the span of a band/artists complete work is turned into fiction, using the literal lyrics to directly create the plotline and story arc, and usually the title of the book/story is taken directly from the song/album that the work is an adaptation of.

What else are you working on writing at the moment?  A short story for the 2017 anthology, “A Haunting of Words,” which will be an adaptation of Porcupine Tree’s album, “Fear of a Blank Planet.” And my next novel that I am currently writing is about the eight months my wife was deployed to Djibouti, Africa, and left me home alone with two toddlers. Every night I would send her an email, usually quoting song lyrics from our favorite bands at the end. I am compiling all those songs, and will use those specific lyrics to drive the story forward.

What advice do you have to give to new writers?  Beware the procrastination demons.

How can people discover more about you and your work?


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