The Last Ride by J.M. Ames, part of the anthology A Journey of Words, is now available worldwide in paperback and a variety of eBook options. There are several ways to order, each with a different set of perks:

  1. Paperback
    1. Direct order from me (19.99 + S&H). Includes:
      1. Free personal delivery if local (at cost via your preferred method if not).
      2. Book will be signed by me
      3. Free A Journey of Words / The Last Ride bookmark
        1. AJOW_BM_Redux
      4. The first ten people to order through me will get a character in a future story named after them
      5. Order – Paypal or COD (local only)
        1. Paypal or Credit Cards – Please use the Paypal link at the top of the left panel.
        2. If you are local and would prefer to pay cash or check, please email me at, with the Subject as AJOW Preorder
    2. Direct order from publisher Scout Media (19.99 + S&H). Includes:
      1. Free soundtrack on CD. Each song handpicked by the author to represent their story. The song for The Last Ride is Track 3 on the CD – Pink Floyd – “High Hopes”.
      2. Order here
    3. Order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target – all online book retailers (24.99 + S&H)
      1. Free shipping if you have a Prime account
      2. Available now here!
  2. Ebook ($7.99)
    1. Immediate direct download from publisher here
      1. MOBI for Kindle
      2. EPUB for eReaders
      3. PDF for computers and tablets
    2. Amazon
      1. MOBI for Kindle here
    3. Barnes & Noble
      1. NOOK here


The Last Ride and J.M. Ames images by Amy Hunter
A Journey of Words cover design by Sydney Blackburn
All website photography by Jennifer Ames.

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